MDi site copy

Integration with BackBase means that many credit unions will be migrating to new MDi websites. This is an exciting change that will promote renewed engagement with members whose digital expectations are rapidly changing.

This shift also gives credit unions a unique opportunity to refresh their messaging in a way that resonates with ‘today’s’ members who is drawn to brands whose web copy speaks directly to their needs and provides information that is easy to consume, recall and act upon.

But who will do this kind (and volume) of writing? Who can understand the subtleties of your brand and capture them in a tone that strengthens your overall marketing efforts? We can. We have a deep understanding of credit unions and more than a decade of experience writing for them. We also love doing it. 

To assist credit unions with their upcoming website redesigns, we’ve put together an efficient, cost-effective and unique approach  to web content development that can include:

  • discovery meeting with your team to ensure we understand your brand
  • a thorough scan of current content to determine content needs
  • new or revised copy that includes everything from home page strategies to headers, optimum ‘skim and scan’ landing page content, connecting copy and hyperlinks
  • SEO seeding (based on keyword and phrase research provided by you)

You might also like to know that we offer:

We understand that personas may be offered by Central 1, but our fully-developed personas drill down even further to offer insight into your membership culture and communities you serve.

Tone and Voice/Positioning statements
We can help you create copywriting guidelines that your staff can use in all brand communications. We can also work with your team to create positioning statements that you can use to revitalize your brand internally and set your brand apart in your marketing.

When you partner with us, we become a natural extension of your marketing team that will help you divide and conquer your 2018 website goals. If your team is planning the MDi shift, email us.  We’d love to tell you more about the value of great web copy and what we do to help credit unions achieve it.