The people I trust my brand communications with are Rachel and Kathy at The Fincopy Company. They know the financial world and all of its nuances with such intuition and skill that I can focus my resources on other areas of my business. Working with this team is seamless, insightful and most of all, fun!

Matthew McGuire, Founder
The AML Shop

Seamless, insightful and fun

logo-whiteBGI have never worked with a more consummate professional than Kathy. She has the ability to distill any idea and present it in a way that matches any brand. She also completes every project on time and budget and over-delivers on everything asked of her.  She is passionate, goal-oriented and an asset to any team she is on. I know she’s destined for great things as she launches her new agency.

Tana Chasakara
Project Manager

Consummate professional

logo-whiteBGI have been extremely fortunate to work with this professional and wonderful person. She has an amazing ability to understand what really needs to be communicated and then eloquently articulates it in exactly the right tone, whether it’s for a website, campaign or user-experience copy for software. Kathy has contributed to countless great ideas and strategies that have translated into amazing results. Any client would be fortunate to work with her.

Jeff Coomber
Director of Product Management

Amazing communicator


Kathy is one of the most talented writers I have had the opportunity to work with. She has raised the copywriting bar for me. Her talent is as natural as it is refined. She is an eloquent communicator, collaborates skillfully and is an empowering lead. Needless to say, I’m a fan. It is a privilege to work with her.

Michele Côté
Violet De Vine Design Agency


Raised the copywriting bar

logo-whiteBGKathy has a keen balance of creativity, intelligence and heart which she brings to each of our client projects.

A fine team member, she is one of those rare individuals who you can count on to deliver time and time again without falter. We were very fortunate to have her as part of our team for so many years.

Christian Clapton, CEO



Delivers times and again