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A niche copywriting agency is born

Kathy Matkin-Clapton, former Creative Director at thirdstream, launches a copywriting agency with a financial services industry focus.

APRIL 28th, 2017
A copywriting agency that focuses specifically on the financial services industry has just been launched by Kathy Matkin. Matkin brings 13 years of expertise and a great deal of industry knowledge to this new venture. As Creative and Copy Director for thirdstream, a Canadian
financial services marketing and software developer, Matkin has provided strategically-written copy and foundational content plans for FIs, financial service firms and Fintechs across the country. As Creative Director at thirdstream, she led her team to several award-winning websites, campaigns and rebrands that were nationally recognized by MACU.

Christian Clapton, CEO of thirdstream says that Matkin was a tremendous benefit to both the company and clients during her tenure. “I don’t think there’s a copywriter in Canada who understands the financial services industry as well as Kathy does. In addition to her industry knowledge and ability to write about it in literally any voice or tone, she’s a gifted listener. She doesn’t just churn out words. She listens to what the client needs and applies an amazing instinct for what the target audience wants to hear to take action and convert to a sale. She continually moved the dial for our company and for every client she worked with. To say she will knock it out of the park for anyone she works with is a gross understatement. She will be very missed, but we all wish her nothing but the best.”

thirdstream’s Project Manager Tana Chasakara echoes this praise, saying “I have never worked with a more consummate professional than Kathy. She has the ability to distill any idea and present it in a way that matches any brand. She also completes every project on time and budget and over-delivers on everything asked of her. Kathy is passionate, goal-oriented and an asset to any team she is on. I know she’s destined for great things as she launches her new agency.”

Matkin says it was a tough decision to leave thirdstream, but as the company made its successful shift to a full-time commitment to onboarding software and innovation, she found that she missed the client work. “I learned so much during my time at thirdstream and feel incredibly honoured to have played even a small role in its amazing success as Canada’s leading onboarding specialist. However, I look forward to working with FIs and Fintechs to help them find the words and strategies that resonate with their audience and inspires them engage with the brand to become customers, clients or investors.”

Jeff Coomber, Director of Product Management for thirdstream, says of his former colleague:  “I have been extremely fortunate to work with such a professional and wonderful person. As our Creative Director, her leadership, creativity, talent and professionalism came through time after time. As a writer she has an amazing ability to understand what really needs to be communicated. She then eloquently articulates it in exactly the right tone, whether it’s for a website, campaign or user-experience copy for our software. Kathy has contributed to countless great ideas and strategies for our company and clients that have translated into amazing results. Our loss is her new agency’s gain. Any client would be fortunate to work with her.”

Before word was publicly released about The Fincopy Company, Matkin’s expertise as a copy strategist was already in demand in the non-financial sector. This led her to launch the sister company Three Eleven Copywriting Services, which has been chosen by McMaster University’s Michael Degroote School of Medicine to lead the copy development for its website project and annual report development.

Clapton was not surprised to learn of this early success for Matkin. “Her talent as a copywriter and strategist is unmatched. Any FI or Fintech looking for writing services of any kind should get in touch with her, whether it’s as a ghost writer, for website or campaign copy or for her guidance in personification and tone. She’s just the best at what she does.”

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  1. Looking to read more about your continued successes! Thanks for being a part of our family and contributing so much throughout the years.

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